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Shipping and Returns



Orders under $500 are subject to a $30 flat minimum order charge.

Online resellers have a different minimum ship /  conditions that must be adhered to. Online Reseller Policy / FAQ, effective date February 1st, 2022.



Orders will be shipped, prepaid, up to a maximum of 10% of the invoice value.

The customer is responsible for an up charge, to cover the remaining cost of freight.



All returns must be authorized by Famous Toys head office. Please contact a sales representative to receive an RA #. The cost of freight is subject to approval.

Famous Toys reserves the right to arrange for any return. All tracking / PRO numbers must be documented and recorded by the shipper. The shipper is accountable for properly labeling all boxes being returned. The shipper is accountable for any boxes which aren’t returned to Famous Toys.

Any approved return will be credited to your account and will be put towards your next purchase.

Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Damaged Items, Shortage & Overage Claims

Any shortages or overages need to be reported, to a Famous Toys sales representative, within 48 hours of a delivery.*

Any Damages must be reported to Famous Toys head office within 24 hours of delivery. All shipments must be visually inspected at time of delivery. If your shipment is damaged, it must be documented with the delivery driver. Supporting images of the exterior of the shipping box & pallet (if applicable), along with supporting images of the damaged product, must be provided to a Famous Toys sales representative.**

*In the event of a courier shipment being split in transit and delivered on multiple days. This applies after delivery of the remaining box(s).

**Claims will not be processed without all required supporting images.